In business, it’s essential to protect your interests at all times. In real terms this could mean safeguarding your property or staff against intruders and thieves or simply ensuring that threatening behavior from visitors or fellow employees can be dealt with correctly. Coletree Security is the key to your business security worries; we offer various services designed to keep commercial sites secure all year round.

Our security guards provide a visible on-site presence that not only prevents unwanted access to a property, but also provides you and your staff with peace of mind that you are working in safety. Our security officers are thoroughly trained before they reach you so that they can be a fitting representation of your professionalism.

Typical Duties include:

  • Access control where necessary
  • Monitor visitors entry and exit
  • Maintain visitors log
  • Periodic patrols of building
  • Maintain watch over equipment
  • Secure entrances during non operating hours
  • Maintain reception desk of building
  • Other duties as requested by client
  • Uniform or Plain Clothes officers

Business security guards allow or prevent access to commercial properties. This provides not only security to the premises, but it allows employees to be more productive. They can also collect sign-in details, which could be useful for fire regulations and staff clock-in times.

By contracting a qualified, experienced agency like Coletree, you are taking the first step to providing a safe and secure work environment for your employees, loyal customers and visitors alike! Don’t leave it until it is too late, contact Coletree today!