Coletree Security provides security solutions and security manpower for construction sites and vacant properties.

We work with your security requirements and budgets to find a solution that’s right for your site from inception to completion, reducing your security costs and increasing your profit margins.

Building sites are a target for theft of building materials and equipment. Vacant properties are targets for theft of copper pipes, wiring and HVAC equipment.

Duties include:

  • Control all vehicles and visitors to the job site.
  • Maintain a listing of all vehicles, deliveries and visitors on the job site.
  • Escorting visitors to the construction office.
  • Securing entrance area during non operating hours.
  • Foot patrol of job site.
  • Inspection of exterior fencing checking for security breaches.
  • Maintain watch over equipment.
  • Maintain watch over office trailers.
  • Emergency Security Officer coverage.

Coletree Security can provide on-site or roving security guard patrols to save you the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and building materials.

There are things you can do to minimize building site theft and vandalism.

  • Hire security patrols as a deterrent, particularly on the night before hand over.
  • Try to have valuable items delivered and installed on the same day.
  • Don’t leave unused materials on site for long periods of time.
  • Arrange for materials to be stored out of general view.
  • Check deliveries as soon as possible and report any damages or shortages immediately.
  • Where possible install window security screens, solid wooden doors, window locks and other similar measures.
  • Install expensive ‘high risk’ items, such as doors, locks, fittings and white goods as close to handover as possible.
  • Keep sites tidy: remove bricks and other debris from the front of the site to reduce the likelihood of property damage, remove empty boxes for ‘high risk’ items to reduce the likelihood of theft or arson.
  • Fence your property or display the lot number, name of builder, daytime and after hours contact number in a prominent location on the site.
  • Arrange for street lighting to deter offenders.
  • Make personal contact with neighboring occupied homes. Give them a contact name and phone number for the builder, typical hours of work on site, who to contact and what to do if they see suspicious activity.
  • Set up security cameras and security lighting.
  • Tell your local police if you have particular concerns about a property.
  • Always follow up reports of criminal activity. Ask questions and make enquiries with staff, contractors and suppliers.
  • Challenge unknown people on your site and ask why they are there but don’t take any unnecessary personal risk. Consider calling police first.
  • Look about the site and determine vulnerable points that will attract criminals.
  • Check identification of contractors and/or trades people on the site.
  • Identify and mark all items of high risk. Put up signs to show that items have been property marked.

Report any suspicious activity, including a description of suspects and vehicle registration numbers immediately to your local police.