Pre-Job Phase: Risk Analysis

This is the most important phase in event security. We work closely with you, the client, and the internal staff to identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, hazards, and possible threats to your location. We then construct an effective overnight security program to ensure proper coordination, communication, the protection of the premises inside and out, thus reducing the exposure to risk.



During the Pre-Job phase, Coletree Security Inc. will meet with our clients to discuss final preparations for the assigned job. In addition, our job duties and responsibilities will be restated and all questions and concerns will be addressed.


Phase III: The Job

We realize that overnight security concerns are a top priority for our clients. Our security guards are screened, trained and carefully chosen to work in a professional environment such as commercial and business environments. Coletree Security’s security team will function in a cohesive and efficient manner.


Phase IV: Evaluation

We believe in total customer satisfaction. A debriefing between our Security Director and your Internal Staff and Executives is an essential part of making sure our commitment to customer satisfaction is met.  An evaluation of our security services and of the job will take place. The evaluation phase is critical in that both our clients and Coletree Security Inc. will be able to make necessary adjustments on policies that will enhance future job opportunities.