When it comes to home security, we know that homeowners can’t be home 24 hours a day due to their lifestyles or employment requirements, and burglars know that too! A home can be left unattended for a day, a week, a month or even longer, leaving your home vulnerable to not only burglaries, but leaking pipes or roofs, unattended newspapers or mail, damage from storms or vandals.

If your home is left unattended, Coletree Security service can design a home security plan for you. It’s a complete protection plan that includes Key-Holding, Emergency and Scheduled Let-ins, and Exterior Patrols. Your family and home enjoy outstanding security—and peace of mind.


On-Premises Exterior Patrols

Upon notification of a client’s travel plans, Coletree security guards provide exterior security patrols of clients’ properties. Many frequent business travelers take advantage of this service to provide an added sense of comfort and security for their loved ones at home while they’re away on a business trip.


Your Private Security

Security Services can take many forms and can be custom designed. Coletree prides itself in providing flexible, client-driven security to address a range of needs. Some of the frequently requested assignments include personal protection, event (party) security, parking/traffic control and escort duties.


House Checks

As requested, Coletree Security Guards will periodically visit, enter, and inspect a client’s unattended home for signs of environmental, criminal or vandal activity.

Additionally, many clients request one or more of the following services:

  • Water plants
  • Pick up and forward mail
  • In-house pet care
  • Start stored vehicles
  • Accept scheduled deliveries
  • Additional services


Scheduled and Emergency Let-in’s

Upon specific instructions from the homeowner, Coletree Security Officers provide scheduled access to authorized persons.

In an emergency, we can provide an Emergency Let-in for police, fire, medical or other personnel. In addition, this service often helps our client homeowners when they’ve lost or misplaced their keys.